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Q: Who are iMUSC FC?

iMUSC FC are a group of iMUSC members who enjoy the occasional kickabout. We meet up every few weeks for informal training sessions (6-a-side games) and play against fellow supporter groups and other Maidstone United community sides.

Q: How much does it cost?

Whilst there is no additional charge to join iMUSC FC, there are costs to be covered. These are done so on an event by event basis. Training sessions currently cost £5 per person, with matches dependent on pitch hire.

Q: What Costs are Covered?

As mentioned above, pitches are not free and vary on a game by game basis. Any new side needs equipment and we are no different, so money is set aside for bibs, balls, first aid kit etc. As well as this, there are times where people don’t turn up or we have to cancel late on. This leaves us out of pocket so we need to ensure that no one person is liable for any losses as has been the case on a couple of occasions in the past.

Q: How many are at training?

It is difficult to guarantee this for a variety of reasons. It is a 6-a-side pitch so the optimum number is 12. That said, we have been down to 7 on occasion, and up to 13. 14 is probably the highest we could manage for an enjoyable session.

Q: How are teams selected?

Quite simply on commitment and reliability. Like everyone we enjoy games more when we win, but the ethos is very much on the social side of it. If you turn up regularly and advise that you are doing so, then you will be selected for games. If you turn up sporadically with no communication, you’ll get game time, but preference goes to others. The same goes for training, if too many turn up, then priority goes to those who had confirmed their attendance.